Our favourite products

wellgoodcupcakesThese are a few of our favourite gluten free things. We can’t guarantee that each and every one of these are completely gluten free because ingredients will often change, but our kids seem to tolerate (and in some cases love) many of things in the list below.

We have included some of our favourite products discovered since moving to the UK, and further down, we’ve listed the many products we came to love in Australia.

(Please bear in mind that many of the UK products we’ve listed are also dairy, soy and free of or calcium propionate (282) because we also have trouble with those ingredients – so our list is still a work in progress).


Ready-made bread (also free of Soy, dairy, and Calcium Propionate (282)
Marks and Spencers new made without wheat range of loaves and rolls
Ener-G loaf – Sainsbury’s
BFree GF wraps (Asda, some Tescos)
Sausages (unlike Australia, these are not generally gluten free in UK)
Good Little Sausages – Waitrose
Tesco free range sausages – (check packet)
Red Dog hot dogs (Tesco)
Freezer foods
Sainsbury brand GF fish fingers/chicken nuggets are rather good (They also have a good range of GF  foods like lasagne and pizza)
Young’s GF fishfingers (other supermarkets, located other fishfinger products)
Biscuits/cakes etc Sainsbury has a great range of gluten and dairy free tea biscuits and shortbread – as well as some really yummy GF gingerbread men
Orgran Outback animals – little GF biccies in individual packs, good for lunch boxes (Sainsbury)
Also look out for Sakata rice crackers in the savoury biscuit aisle, and most brands of rice cakes also fine.
DS brand has a nice crispbread (Sainsbury, Waitrose)
Doves Gluten-Free flour (Waitrose) this is the best blend we have found and makes great cakes, pancakes
(We haven’t tried any of the GF cake mixes yet)
Moo Free mini chocolate bars (Sainsbury)
Natures Path breakfast cereals are great (available Sainsbury)
Uncle ben’s brown basmati rice is a great time-saver for a quick and yummy fried rice.
Mama Rice noodles (Waitrose) are also good for making a quick, stir-fried noodle dish or soup.
Most GF dried pasta these days is excellent so we don’t have a favourite brand.
Pure dairy free spread (Sunflour)
Rice milk
Tamari soy sauce



Ready made bread

Our favourite dairy and preservative free loaf is Dovedale rice and chia bread (good for toasting and okay for sandwiches if you microwave or toast it a little and trim off crust) – available some Coles, health food shops.

Schar Ciabattine rolls/french sticks (and readymade vac packed sliced bread which is nice to toast and handy to take travelling)- Harris Farm, IGA

Bread mixes (see our bread mix reviews)

-Springhill Real Bread Mix (for a tasty, springy crusty, long-lasting  brown loaf) Supermarkets
-Well and Good Classic bread mix (contains some soy) and Crusty bread mix (no soy). Simple to make. Supermarkets
-FGRoberts Cottage Loaf (contains soy) – great texture for sandwiches or FG’s Palmira’s mix is a very soy free that also makes excellent sandwiches. Order online or by phone. (also available some health food outlets like Dr Earth Go Vita in Blacktown)
-Vitarium Bread mix (tasty, good for toasting) Supermarkets
-Basco (tasty, good for toasting, uses milk and eggs) Supermarkets
-SimplyWize baguette and crusty bread mix (contains soy) makes lovely oven-fresh loaves
-Orgran white bread mix (tasty, very allergen free, easy to bake but may need to play around with milk quantities) Supermarkets
-Sky Ranch ‘Bunsky’ roll mixture (available online)

Rice/Rice and millet spirals (various GF brands) (supermarkets) – We like San Remo and Buon Tempo brands
Chang’s ready-to-go wok noodles (supermarkets)
Bean or rice based vermicelli noodles (various GF brands) (supermarkets)
Simply Wize gnocci (supermarkets)

Nature’s Path Crispy Rice (IGA, Macro)
Freedom Foods Rice Puffs and Corn Flakes (New, improved recipe) (Supermarkets)
WBC cereal gluten free muesli (check website for outlets)
Food for Health gluten free muesli (supermarkets, specialist outlets)

Pastry Pantry rough puff sheets – for sausage rolls
Pastry Pantry savoury shortcrust – for pies
[UPDATE 15/11/11 - The manufacturer has recently revamped the product range]

Freedom Food pizza bases
(Some supermarkets (Coles) in section where wraps are sold)
Orgran Pizza multimix (for pizza base)
Cheezly (soy cheese) to replace cheese on topping  (available Choices bakery and some health food stores)
Julians ready made GF pizza bases (contain soy) (Pyrmont farmers market)
Eagle Boys Gluten “Friendly” takeaway pizza/Dominos GF takeaway pizza (nb. contains soy and may contain trace gluten from cross contamination)
Coles PizzaVita – frozen gluten free pizza (contains soy) in freezer section with other gluten free frozen products

Orgran vanilla outback animals/itsy bitsy bears (supermarkets)
Ali Di Riso rice crispbread (IGA)
Freelicious original crackers (some IGA/available online)
Fantastc Goodies- poppy and sesame seed biscuits – Supermarkets
Sakata rice crackers (supermarkets)
Kidscare corn tubes (supermarkets)
Artisse organic rice crackers
Eskal Deli crackers  (supermarkets)
Gluten free pretzels (Woolies)

Orgran custard (powder mix) with fruit (supermarkets)
Jelly/fruit cups (SPC and Coles brand)
Weis sorbet bars (dairy free) supermarket freezer section
Eskal ice cream cones (with icecream or fruit sorbet) (some supermarkets)
Frozen gluten free crepes – Creative Gourmet (supermarkets)
Coles pavlova base
So Good soy icecream (If you can tolerate soy – it does contain wheat-based glucose syrup but So Good says its gluten free).
Miss Roben’s dairy free icecream mix (available online)
Vitarium gluten free pancake mix (some Coles) and jelly mixes

Treats (see our chocolate cake mix review)
Naturally Good Chocolate Mudcake mix (Woolworths)
Deliciously Free Chocolate Mudcake mix (Some supermarkets)
Freefrom Chocolate mudcake mix (Woolworths)
Orgran chocolate muffin mix  (Some Coles/IGA)
Patties lamingtons (in Coles/IGA freezer section)
Smooze fruit ices (dairy free) (near jelly in Supermarkets)
Artisse organic lollypops (supermarkets)
Gluten free jelly lollies (supermarkets)
Eskal gluten free marshallows
Freedom Foods low salt chips (supermarkets)
Vege chips (various brands)
Vitarium fruit cake mix (supermarkets)
Jelly fruit cups (supermarkets)
Cupcake Princess gluten free cupcakes (Eveleigh farmers market, Sydney)
Rowie’s cakes cupcakes (check online for availability)
Celebrate Life sticky date pudding mix (Coles)
Well and Good marble cake (IGA/Franklins)

Gluten free tortillas (Woolies brand) (also make nice pizza bases)
Diego white corn tortillas (some supermarkets)
Taco shells (most brands)
Corn chips (check packet)

O’Brien gluten free beer (selected bottle shops – check O’Brien website)
OzeChoc chocolate drink – Dick Smiths (supermarkets)
Vitasoy rice milk

Baked beans (gluten free unless specified on tin)
Kraft peanut butter
Vege spread (yeast free vegemite replacement)
Freedom Foods (supermarkets)
Mightymite (vegemite like spread) supermarkets
Bayview frozen chicken nuggets, fish bites (freezer section in Coles/IGA)
Gluten-free macaroni cheese (Vitarium )
La Zuppa soups (supermarkets)
Melindas Risotto cakes (Woolworths)
Syndian lentil burgers  – supermarkets

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