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Hey Aldi fans, it’s that time again. The discount supermarket’s popular Has no… gluten free range is back on the shelves. If you’re not familiar with the range, Aldi annually releases a range of gluten, wheat and dairy free products under this brand.

We describe them as popular, not because we’re on the Aldi payroll, but because our posts on this topic tend to go off. It’s not just the price that’s appealing, according to our readers. Apparently the products are pretty decent quality too.

I’m a recent convert because I’m now living just a stone’s throw from an Aldi store and yesterday I got my first chance to sample their range. Okay, so I got a bit carried away. I grabbed some Has No mini-crackers and a big bag of macaroni (both of which have already gotten the thumbs up from my two pint-sized product reviewers), as well as some bread mix and two types of pancake mix (banana and honey and cinnamon) which we have yet to try.

I forked out about $16 for these, which means they cost on average a little over $3 each. The crackers were the most expensive (a little over $4) and the macaroni and the break mix were the least expensive ($2.99 each)

The product line-up this year is pretty diverse and in addition to the above products includes plain and self raising flour, sticky date pudding mix, rice  crumbs, felafel mix and a variety of pastas. There is also some Freshlife-branded gluten free muesli, but I haven’t spotted it in my store (Meadowbank) yet.

FYI, Aldi’s marketing people said the decision on whether they’d include any gluten free products in their regular line-up depended on how well this range sells. These have been in stores since March 14 and will be stocked until they sell out.

If you get a chance to try them, let us know which ones you like.


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Good to know…we don’t live near an Aldi but next time I go to the big smoke…..I will definitely get some…Thanks for letting us know!

We have had great success with both flavors of pancake
Mix. The chick pea chips are great!! ( only have BBQ as we need dairy free too) the flours work well also. Still yet to try the other things we brought but I hear from a great and trusted friend the sticky date pudding is amazing!!! And she did it as a whole one not mini ones.

Oh… Very pressed with pasta too… So far we have tried the shells :)

I’ve tried the GF pasta which I found great and yesterday I cooked with the GF SR flour and the finished product was no different to ordinary SR flour so I’m really happy with what I’ve tried so far and more than happy with the lower prices. GF products are generally very expensive so I would love Aldi to keep stocking it

I had to jump on here and comment – I have just finished eating some Has No Sticky Date Pudding and… WOW. It was AMAZING! Belinda, your friend is right – I made a whole one too, and made it dairy free too by using rice milk instead of cream and it was BY FAR the best GF/DF product I have eaten in a long time. What a treat! I am going to buy some more tomorrow… We best stock up if they won’t be around for long!

Great tip – we’ll try to get some too, because I love sticky date pudding!!!

I bought some of the Aldi products and was impressed with price and taste. Didn’t realise they are only in stock until sold out….I wish I had bought more.

I can highly recommend the dry biscuits/crackers and Pancake mixes. The crackers are small, light, crispy and very tasty. They came in two ‘flavours’, original and parmesan cheese and I absolutely loved them! Had I known, I would have stocked up:( Needless to say, all three Aldi stores close to me ran out of stock of ‘Has No’ products, really quickly. Hope they bring it out on a regular basis.

I have just made my last sticky date pudding mix and it is delicious the best gluten free pudding I have ever made. Unfortunately my aldi store in Echuca doesn’t stock it anymore . Will I see it on the shelves again soon.

To date Aldi has done just a once-a-year gluten free product rollout – but ask the store if you really love it and they might bring it back… Good luck!

I know it’s all too late now – everything will be sold out.. but the Sticky Date Pudding is to die for. So much so – the kids and I went back and bought another 8 boxes to last us until next year! We have been a fan of the pancake mixes for a while – I believe they are best pancake mixes I have come across.

Yes, they seem really popular!

Sticky date pudding best ever. When you find some, buy as many as you can afford. Just fabulous. So light, hard to believe it’s gluten free. Will now try their pasta as I believe it doesn’t fall apart. Other brands do.

Have Been using both self raising and plain flours and they are the best gf flour I’ve ever used!!!!!!! Highly recommended, but sold out within a week in
Echuca :(

When will we be able to buy the sticky date pudding mix?

We’ll ask around and get back to you…

Looks like Aldi will be selling some GF products from March 13, 2013 – not sure if sticky date is included because I haven’t heard back from them yet…

Beware the Has No Gluten Free Museli Bars have WHEAT on the ingredients list and also noted to Contain SOY, SULPHITES and WHEAT ????? How can these be Gluten Free?

Hi – thanks for letting us know – this does sound strange. There is a possibility they are referring to glucose syrup derived from wheat which is apparently considered gluten free – but as I haven’t seen the product can only venture a guess. Here is a post we did on that very issue…

My local store has the butter shortbread. It is amazing!!!! I have already gone back twice for Moore and now that I know it’s a limited thing I will be heading to the three local Shops to stock up!!

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